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Karen’s Coconut Kefir, Inc.

I had the chance to build the brand for Karen’s Coconut Kefir, Inc. A natural foods company. The opportunity came to me after being approached by the president and owner who wanted to manufacture coconut kefir, a probiotic beverage, in three flavors: Original, Tropical and Vanilla.

How do you build a brand from scratch? Listen to your client and guiding them. In the case of Karens Coconut Kefir Inc, the owner wanted her brand to say, “Fresh and healthy”. This was vital because once I came up with the logo, everything was about creating a consistent brand from postcards to the website to sell-sheets.

The end result, almost a year in the making was consistent, clean designs that conveyed a sense of well-being to the consumer and ended with her product reaching consumers in a local retail chain.


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About Me

It’s true! I played 8 seasons of pro football and I was pretty good! Click here for more!

I am trained as a fine artist/graphic designer but quickly found myself getting into web design and programming. My current job is a media developer but I spend my evenings building worlds with 3D software when I am not gaming.

As much as I love painting and drawing, I find myself drawn to 3D modeling and coding. I recently took on the persona of The Angry Buddhist. I wanted to develop an app to help with my meditation and resist the urge to tackle people for no reason. You can find it here. And there's more in the pipeline.

UX/UI, 3D modeling and/or animation or general design work I live for creation. I love the process of turning nothing into something. Have you got nothing? Contact me and we’ll turn nothing into something.